nicki (31415926535897) wrote in zinegossip,

What is your name? nicki
Where were you from? long island
What screen names did you have during the zine era? i changed my sn all the time. i was muzikale, aquanicki84, and i don't even remember the rest.
What zines did you have? i had a yankees one, a baseball one, and poetry one.
How long were you into zines (approx. what years)? 1998-2001
What about zines do you remember and still sticks out in your mind? custom colors (very old school!), alternating fonts and colors, fighting (of course i can't forget that).
Did you visit zine chats/message boards? Which ones? rr, zg, mb.

Do you keep in touch with anyone from zines? Who?
How can we contact you now? (E-mail, AIM, Facebook, Myspace, LJ, etc?)
Are you in a relationship? How's that? no!
Are you in school? Do you have a job? What are you doing these days? i (still) go to school, work on campus PT, and spend hours commuting.
Where do you live now? same hellhole as before.
Are you involved in any organizations? no.
What do you do in your spare time? watching and attending yankees, giants, islander games, browsing forums, reading, listening to music.
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