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What is your name? JESS
Where were you from? i'm from new orleans, LA. i posted on zine gossip & exced. wooP, and i was a zinechat JUNKIE.
What screen names did you have during the zine era? JESS5255 / imjessicaheidi in the later days
What zines did you have? *cringe* audacious
How long were you into zines (approx. what years)? like 4 years.
What about zines do you remember and still sticks out in your mind? BOXES, having to get on the WHITE LIST, sister zines, stupid editorials, co-editors, 8+ hours spent online a day to write articles about smoking and hair tips and stupid shit like that =D
Did you visit zine chats/message boards? Which ones? exced & zine gossip...and occassionally mystery box in the end =(

Do you keep in touch with anyone from zines? Who? ben (bshadowboxers- he's now ithnkyrcrazymayb) amy (w1ckedways- now AMYSurMOM)/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=17552432 ..i don't feel like finding my facebook
Are you in a relationship? How's that? no
Are you in school? Do you have a job? What are you doing these days? i'm in college @ university of new orleans, i work at subway-trying to change that, i just bought a new car tuesday.
Where do you live now? new orleans, kind of sucks here now
What do you do in your spare time? i go to a lot of bars and drink a lot, work a, i went skydiving last week and injured my hip... i do crazy shit.
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